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Lisburn Road, Belfast

The Lisburn Road is a main arterial road linking Belfast to Lisburn in Northern Ireland. The road was laid in 1817-19, it attracted shops and the afluent Malone Road was left residential. Both Lisburn Road and Malone Road have a BT9 postcode.

The road runs at an angle to the Malone Road, the two being joined by many side roads. In the past it was a predominantly working class area. Over the past 15 years it has developed into a cosmopolitan area.

This is mainly due to the proximity of Queen's University and a high number of expensive shops and restaurants. The Belfast City Hospital is also located on the road. The relative absence of sectarianism and the influx of many overseas nationals such as Chinese, Indians and Africans have all contributed to the multinational nature of the area.

The Lisburn Road with many upmarket Fashion Boutiques, Jewellers & Gifts, Health & Beauty, Home & Interiors, Arts & Antiques, Cafe Houses, Wine Bars and Restaurants is often compared to the Kings Road, London.

At the most northerly end of the Lisburn Road lies Shaftesbury Square, a busy traffic junction mounted by a large TV screen billboard. The actual Lisburn Road runs from the nearby Bradbury Place to Balmoral Avenue, beyond which it becomes Upper Lisburn Road.

The Upper Lisburn Road extends south to reach Finaghy, at which point it becomes Kingsway and then in Dunmury it becomes Queensway, before finally becoming the Belfast road in Lisburn.

Queen's University Medical Biology building (MBC) is at 97 Lisburn Road. Drumglass Park is partway along the Lisburn Road with an entrance from the Lisburn Road and also Cranmore Park.

The Malone Road is a radial road in Belfast, leading from the university quarter southwards to the affluent suburbs of Malone and Upper Malone, each a separate electoral ward.

The Malone Road runs at an angle to the Lisburn Road and is linked by over a dozen side streets, while at its northern end, the Stranmillis Road rejoins the Malone Road to form University Road, which in turn joins with the Lisburn Road to become Bradbury Place.

The district contains two of Belfast's best known Grammer Schools. At the northern end of the road, is Methodist College Belfast, while further south lies Victoria College Belfast, one of the UK's few remaining girl only grammar schools.

The district also hosts Queen's Elms Village, the main halls of residence for students from Queen's University Belfast, housing over 1,000 students.

At the southern end of the Malone Road lies Malone House, a mansion in the late Georgian style. The house is now maintained by Belfast City Council and available to rent for private functions.

The residential streets leading off the Malone Road are known for their high property prices, in particular, Malone Park. In Northern Ireland culture, the area has become synonymous with affluence making general BT9 area comparable to Dublin 4.